Marketing tips we can learn from Marvel's The Avengers

Marketing Lessons from “Marvel’s The Avengers”

We all want to be superheroes. I don’t just mean when we’re kids. Adults do, too. After all, don’t we want everyone to know our name, to have a catchy tagline, to make sure our colors and logos are seen around the world as we make a difference in the lives of people everywhere?

Wait…are we talking about superheroes or a businesses?

When you think about it, there are a lot of similarities! So why not look to the biggest superhero film of all time – Marvel’s The Avengers – and see what marketing tips we can’t suss out from it to grow our business to heroic proportions.

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Email marketing is a viable and cost-effective content marketing option.

Your Content Strategy Still Needs Email Marketing

The rise of the Internet irrevocably changed marketing. We all know that. It paved the way for effective content marketing thanks to the ability to not just speak to customers but to speak with them, to have a conversation. Blog comments, social media, and more have opened a two-way street that lets us bond with and build an audience.

But long before WordPress and tweets there was email. It seems every year we hear how email marketing is dead or dying, that efforts to market via email are being wasted. In fact, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Email has changed, as all things do (especially in the tech space), but it’s still very much alive.

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Use Infographics to Grow Your Content Marketing

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Infographics

“Content is king.” You’ve heard it a thousand times before, and it’s the inspiration behind Throne Content Marketing. But what does it really mean? That’s a complicated question, but the short answer is that you should be creating content for your audience: stuff that they’re interested in, that they’re excited about, that they want to spread around to their friends and own networks. Part of this is not boring them with repetitive content. Articles are great, but your audience is probably in the mood for something with some visual flair. Why not spice it up a little by throwing in an infographic every once in a while?

First things first – what exactly is an infographic? It’s a “graphic visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly.” Basically, cut out all of the wordiness and use images to help get the essence of your point across. If you’ve got a list of stats, why put in a 1,500-word blog post what you can put in an image where customers can immediately see what you’re trying to convey? Infographics are becoming more and more popular and are a must-have in any content marketing arsenal.

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Create an Editorial Calendar for your Content Strategy

Battle Cabin Fever by Improving Your Content Marketing

If you’re in the US, chances are you’ve had a run in with snow recently. Whether you’re in the northeast, where you’ve been bombarded by one winter storm after another, or in the southeast where a cold front has made things slippery for the past few days, winter weather can throw some kinks in your plan.

You’re obviously hard at work during the day, either at home or braving icy roads. But you might find yourself with some free time. A lot of businesses will be shut down, and it’s too cold or dangerous for outdoor activities. Rather than binge-watching television shows, why not spend the extra downtime tending to the little details of your content marketing?

When you’re focusing on the big picture, it’s easy to let some things fall through the cracks. Adding images to your social media profiles, making sure you’re as present on LinkedIn as you are elsewhere, and making an editorial calendar are all quick fixes that will help your content marketing stand out in the crowd.

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Hashtags 101: Get the Most out of Your Social Media Marketing

If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet over the past five years, you’ve surely run into hashtags. Heck, even if you haven’t, you’ve seen them on television shows and in magazine ads. You know them: the ‘#’ followed by a phrase that’s related to whatever content you’re consuming.

Outside of knowing they’re related to new-fangled social media, though, you might not really understand what hashtags are or what they can do. Here’s a primer in hashtags, and how you can and should be using them in your content marketing.

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